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09-07-10 Mesoamerica at the Time of Contact with Europeans Teotihuacan – abandoned Toltecs – emerged as the most powerful city state Quesoquatil story dates back to the toltecs – predated the arrival of the Spaniards Mejica – seen as barbarians when they first arrived because they were not descendents from a great empire. They were used as mercenaries, and were seen as great/skilled fighters. Were pushed back into another territory when girl was sacrificed and skinned.
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Unformatted text preview: Eagle, eating a serpent, on a cactus – vision that this land belong to them. Tenochitlan – eventually expanded and conquered other areas and became a powerful empire. The “Aztecs”-Mexica Migration Story-Common language – Nahuatl-Ethnic Divisions o City-States (Altepetl) o Villages o Tlatoani(speakers)-Valley of Mexico o Trade Systems Tlatuani - speaker...
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