- From Europe/Asia/Africa to Americas Hogs indigo sugar horses citrus coffee sheep wheat rice From Americas to Europe/Asia/Africa Potatoes Tobacco

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Unformatted text preview: 9-16-10 From Europe/Asia/Africa to Americas Hogs, indigo, sugar, horses, citrus, coffee, sheep, wheat, rice From Americas to Europe/Asia/Africa Potatoes, Tobacco, Peppers, Maize, turkey, manioc, pumpkins, tomatoes, cocoa Columbian Exchange Effects - Cultural Change: Long Term o New Foods o New Goods (commodities) o New Ideas (calidad) o New Economies (monoculture use the land for only one crop, mining, mercantilism) o New labor Systems (African slave trade, Ecomienda grant of Indian labor, Repartimiento Indian ppl paid but had to do a fix amount of time) - Revolutionary changes in diets, lifestyles, uses of the land, and political power... - Biological and Ecological impacts of colonialism most important in explaining long term success of Spanish colonialism - Other explanations (technology, political divisions, religion) greatly contributed to the conquest of centralized states in the short term - Exceptions? Ppl who were not centralized The "Maya" - Classic Maya (250-900 AD) - City- States o Town Councils (cah) - Language Diversity o Quiche (K'iche) o Yucatecan - Ethnic Diversity = Regionalism - Slash and burn - Highland - Lowland - Economy - Class system ...
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