9-21-10 - 9-21-10 The "Maya" o Religion (13...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-21-10 The "Maya" o Religion (13 worlds, gate protected by gods) o Shamans o Ball Game o Human Sacrifice o Gods o Astronomy o Mathematics Mayan Writing Codices o Popal Vuh o Origin Story o Pre-Columbian o Glyphs-sounds Conquest of the Maya? o Lack of Centralization o Regionalism o Flight to the South (difficult terrain) o Persistence of local instructions, such as the cah (town councils) o "Strategic Acceptance" o Outwardly accept Spanish authority, but... o Varied Impacts of Disease/Columbian Exchange Brazil The Inca of South America o Coastal origins o Chavin o Nazca Lines o 600 A.D. o Focus of settlement moves inland o Lake Titicaca o Huari Empire o Origins o By 1000 A.D.: return to Smaller City-States o Chimu Culture ...
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