10-21-10 - o Tiendas de Raya(Company Stores – employees...

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10-21-10 Origins of the Mexican Revolution, 1850s-1910 - Porfirio Diaz o Battle of Puebla, 1862 o The Porfiriato o “orden y progreso” o Rurales (Rural Guard) – police force o Cientificos (Scientists) – racial differences was scientifically… o Scientific Racism – beliefs that indigenous were culturally inferior to people of Spanish descent o Campesinos (peasant) – often paid to vote in their favor Order was key to progress Progress was also defined for a preference for European and U.S. culture Favoritism – hand picked the ppl in office - Modernization o Foreign Investment Railroads – produced the first connections to the northern U.S./ investment primarily came from U.S./ helped revitalized the mining industry Communications o Vendepatria – “sellout to the country”
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Unformatted text preview: o Tiendas de Raya (Company Stores) – employees often paid in credit, but often imposed late fees and stuff o Sumner W. Matteson, American Photographer-Haciendas o Ex: Don Luis Terraza-Uneven Modernization o Barrios (poor neighborhood)-Critics of Diaz o Flores Magon Bros o Regeneracion – newspaper-Cananea, 1906 o Consolidated Copper Company o Col. William Greene-Rio Blanco, 1907-Creelmen Interview, 1910-Francisco Madero – emerged to challenge/ wanted political reforms (not social reforms)-“Election” of 1910 Diaz was willing to use violence against his ppl for foreign profit. Willing to allow U.S. soldiers to come to mexico and kill mexicans...
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10-21-10 - o Tiendas de Raya(Company Stores – employees...

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