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The Mexican Revolution, Part Two: 1910-1930s - Plan de San Luis Potosi o Francisco Madero o General Rebellion, 11/21/1910 - Chihuahua o Pancho Villa o Pascual Orozco, Jr. - Ciudad Juarez, 05/1910 Forced into service Some wanted to become rich - Diaz Resigns, 05/25/10 - Morelos o Emiliano Zapata o Plan de Ayala – 1/3 rd of haciendas be broken up - Victoriano Huerta – placed in charge of the federales - Villa-Orozco Plan - Overthrow of Madero, 02/09/1913 – by his own people. Huerta eventually turned on him as well. National agrarian commission – agrarian reform Organized labor Huerta forced ppl into army, made more factories produce weapons. - Huerta Dictatorship - U.S. Intervention o Woodrow Wilson o Tampico Incident, 04/1914 – federales captured American soldiers, but
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Unformatted text preview: returned them-Aguascalientes, 10/1914 – meeting after Huerta step down from power. (FAILED)-Columbus, NM, 03/1916 – Pancho Villa attacked U.S.-Constitution of 1917 o Anti-Clerical Laws – Marriage a civil thing/ only legal to woship inside the church/ priests could not be foreigners and could not form a political party/ all new church constructions had to be approved by the gov. o Education Reform – Free/ anti-clerical o Labor Reform – mandated all land that was illegally seized by Diaz were to be returned/ emanate domain/ also restricted foreigners to own land/ 8 hour work day/ min wage/ equal pay/ workers had right to strike-Venustiano Carranzas Presidency...
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