11-9-10 - Latin American Independence Movements Part 2...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-09-10 Latin American Independence Movements, Part 2 Nueva Granada Independence in Nueva Granada - Simon Bolivar o "The Liberator" - April 10, 1810, Creole Rebellion - Constitution of 1811 - Francisco de Miranda - Caracas, 1814 Royalist and rebels Bolivar exiled to Colombia Llaneros (cowboys) o May 1814 Rebellion Bolivar Returns, 1816 Constitution of 1819 o Granted dictatorship rights o Senate seats were heritable Gran Columbia regions eventually broke down to smaller republics - Only a truly free republican government Promise of land reform Equality Hispaniola Haiti and Dominican Republic Sugar Plantation Haitian Revolution - San Domingue - Population, c. 1789 o 90% slave, 10% free o Mulattos = 1/3 of free population - Code Noir (slave codes) - Maroons (runaways) Maroon communities ...
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