11-16-10 - o Cigar Industry-Tobacco v Sugar o Yeomanry...

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Cuba: From Independence to Revolution, 1868-1959 - Sugar - American Influence o Baseball - Trade with U.S. o 80% exports to U.S. by 1890s - “Filibusters” o William Walker - Nationalist Rebellion o 1868-1878 o Marti and Maceo o Emancipation, 1886 - Ybor City/ Key West
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Unformatted text preview: o Cigar Industry-Tobacco v. Sugar o Yeomanry Antonio Maceo and Jose Marti-War for Independence o 1895-1898-U.S.S. Maine o Spanish-American War-Platt Amendment o Guantanamo Bay o U.S. investment in Sugar industry...
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