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11-30-10 - to release information about these ppl o October...

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Salvadoran Civil War o CACM, 1961 o Limited Industrialization o The “Soccer War”, 1969 o 1972 Elections o Jose Napoleon Duarte o Col. Arturo Molina o “Miss Universe” pageant, 1975 o “Desaparecidos” o “Escuadrones de Muerte” o Liberation Theology – based on the assumption that education was the only means towards social change o F. Rutillo Grande – gunned down by the WWU o White Warrior Union – heavily influenced by white supremacist o Roberto D’Aubuisson Death squads – made up of right winged Salvadorian and civilian clothed army ppl o Archbishop Oscar Romero o COMADRES – the mothers of the ppl killed during civil war – demanded
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Unformatted text preview: to release information about these ppl o October 1979 coup – ruling civilian military council o Agrarian Reform Law – any of the large estates that exceeded 1250 acres Would be given to the government and given to the ppl, and given 30 year bonds. Turned into cooaperatives/ any over 600 would be cut off at 600 and the rest given to ppl/ o ARENA o Maryknoll murders, Dec. 1980 o U.S. Role… o FMLN o 1982 and 1984 “Elections” o Iran-Contra Scandal o Alfredo Cristiani, 1989 o 1992 Peace Accords o U.N. Truth Commission...
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