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Salvadoran Civil War o CACM, 1961 o Limited Industrialization o The “Soccer War”, 1969 o 1972 Elections o Jose Napoleon Duarte o Col. Arturo Molina o “Miss Universe” pageant, 1975 o “Desaparecidos” o “Escuadrones de Muerte” o Liberation Theology – based on the assumption that education was the only means towards social change o F. Rutillo Grande – gunned down by the WWU o White Warrior Union – heavily influenced by white supremacist o Roberto D’Aubuisson Death squads – made up of right winged Salvadorian and civilian clothed army ppl o Archbishop Oscar Romero o COMADRES – the mothers of the ppl killed during civil war – demanded
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Unformatted text preview: to release information about these ppl o October 1979 coup ruling civilian military council o Agrarian Reform Law any of the large estates that exceeded 1250 acres Would be given to the government and given to the ppl, and given 30 year bonds. Turned into cooaperatives/ any over 600 would be cut off at 600 and the rest given to ppl/ o ARENA o Maryknoll murders, Dec. 1980 o U.S. Role o FMLN o 1982 and 1984 Elections o Iran-Contra Scandal o Alfredo Cristiani, 1989 o 1992 Peace Accords o U.N. Truth Commission...
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