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final exam key terms

final exam key terms - LAH 1093 Final Exam Key Terms Latin...

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LAH 1093 Final Exam Key Terms Latin American Independence, Part Two Cuba (cont.) Cuba (cont.) Nueva Granada U.S.S. Maine Cuban Missile Crisis (10/62) Simón Bolivar, “the liberator” Spanish American War Bay of Pigs (04/17/61) Creole Uprising, 04/10/1810 Platt Amendment “Exporting the Revolution” Creole Constitution, 1811 Guantanamo Bay Assassination Plots Francisco de Miranda U.S. investment, post-1898 Llaneros (cowboys) American Perception of Cuba El Salvador Constitution of 1819 (i.e. Political Cartoons) Coffee Elite Gran Columbia Sugar “Company Towns,” “14 Families” Hispaniola and Segregation Oligarchy San Domingue Massacre of 1912, Oriente Finca (coffee estate) Sugar Production 1933 coup against Gen. Machado Great Depression, Code Noir Fulgencio Batista impact of Maroons 1940 Constitution Guardia Nacional “Task System” Land Reform A. Farabundo Martí Toussaint L’ Ouverture Expanded Suffrage A. Cesar Sandino Slave Uprising, 08/22/1791 Nationalism La matanza , 1932
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