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lah 1093 fall 2010 - Florida State University: Department...

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Florida State University: Department of History Instructor: Jonathan Grandage LAH 1093: Latin American Civilization Email: SAN [Sandals]: 108, 5:15 – 6:30pm TR Office hours: Bellamy 549, 4-5pm TR Course Objectives : This course is designed to familiarize students with major issues in Latin American history. Special attention will be given to the variation of cultures and historical experiences in the region, in particular how the themes of race, class, gender, reform and revolution, foreign intervention, and environmental change help us to better understand Latin American history. Since this course covers over eight-hundred years of history on two continents and numerous islands now consisting of over thirty countries, certain areas/time periods will receive more attention than others. Students are encouraged to come to the instructor’s office hours. Any questions, problems, or concerns about the course should be addressed as soon as possible. Students may come to office during the times listed above to discuss assignments, grades, and course material without prior notice. If you cannot attend the hours listed above, please contact the instructor to make other arrangements. University Statement on courses that fulfill the Multicultural “X” requirement: “Courses will introduce students to cultural variation around the globe. Courses will examine differences among cultures in general or will examine in detail one or more cultural traditions outside the dominant currents of European civilization.” University Statement on courses the fulfill the Liberal Studies requirement: “ The Liberal Studies Program at Florida State University has been designed to provide a perspective on the qualities, accomplishments, and aspirations of human beings, the past and present civilizations we have created, and the natural and technological world we inhabit. This course has been approved as meeting the requirements for Liberal Studies Area III, History and in combination with your other Liberal Studies courses, provides an important foundation for your lifelong quest for knowledge.” University-Wide First Day Attendance Policy: “University-wide policy requires all students to attend the first day of class meeting of all classes for which they are registered. Students who do not attend the first class meeting of a course for which they are registered will be dropped from the course by the academic department that offers the course.” The instructor follows University policy in regard to attendance.
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This note was uploaded on 03/20/2012 for the course LAH 1093 taught by Professor Weber during the Fall '08 term at FSU.

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lah 1093 fall 2010 - Florida State University: Department...

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