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test one key terms

test one key terms - Chimu Culture Chinampas Inca Empire...

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LAH 1093 Test One Key Terms Introduction to Latin American History Mesoamerica at Contact (cont.) What is Latin America? Christopher Columbus Geographic Diversity Juan Ponce de Leon Cultural Diversity Panfilo de Narvaez (Cabeza de Vaca) Native Americans Hernando de Soto Europeans Francisco Vasquez de Coronado Africans Francisco Pizarro Castas Columbian Exchange Mestizaje Disease and Colonialism Analytical Tools Col. Exch. Examples (plants, animals) Race The Maya Calidad Classic Period Class the cah (Maya town councils) Gender Maya Ethnic/Linguistic Diversity Environmental Change Mayan Ball Game Reform and Revolution Maya Writing Foreign Intervention Popal Vuh The Codices Mesoamerica at Contact Conquest of the Maya? Teotihuacan Toltecs Inca of South America The “Aztecs” Origins of Inca Mexica Migration Story Chavin Nahuatl Nazca Lines Altepetl (city-state) Huari Empire Tlatoani (speaker)
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Unformatted text preview: Chimu Culture Chinampas Inca Empire, 1460s-1530s Caciques Inca Bureaucracy Mexica Class System Mitimaes (colonists) Mexica Gods Quipu (Inca record keeping) Quetzalcoatl Ayllu (Inca social organization, family level) Cues (Mexica temples) Mita (labor tribute) Conquest of Mexico, 1519-1521 Gender Parallelism Hernando Cortes Francisco Pizarro Bernal Diaz de Castillo Atahualpa Victors and Vanquished (reading) Cajamarca Tlaxcala Conquest of Inca Cholula (massacre) Cuzco, 1533 Factors Contributing to Sp. Success Tupac Amaru, 1572 Technology Politics (Indian Allies) Readings for Test One Religion Victors and Vanquished Biological/Columbian Exchange Burns and Charlip, chapters 1 and 2 Reconquista Additional readings listed on syllabus postponed until next test How did the reconquista affect Sp. Colonialism in the Amers.?...
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  • Fall '08
  • Aztec, culture Inca empire, Inca social organization, Inca Chavin Nazca Lines Huari Empire Chimu Culture Inca Empire, Inca Chavin Nazca, 1460s-1530s Inca Bureaucracy

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