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Test Two Key Terms LAH 1093 Colonial Latin American Society Militia Service Rio Blanco, 1907 Colonial Economy Foreign Examples Creelman Interview Gold Economic Causes Fran. Madero Silver Bourbon Reforms 1910 “Election” Quinta (royal tax = 1/5) Intensive Agri./Mining Emiliano Zapata Agricultural Commodities Crown Monopolies Pancho Villa Livestock— Pampas Anti-Tax Rebellions Plan de San Luis Potosi Encomienda (tribute labor) Tupac Aramu II Chihuahua, Northern Division Bartolome de Las Casas Comuneros Revolt Pascual Orozco, Jr. Leyenda Negra (Black Legend) Social Causes Ciudad Juárez, May 1911 New Laws, 1542 Labor Demands Zapataistas, Morelos Repartimiento (paid draft labor) Large Estates Plan de Ayala African Slave Trade Ex: Altacomulco, 1810 Victoriano Huerta Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Cultural Divisions Tampico Incident Olaudah Equiano Creole-Mestizo Coalitions Aguascalientes Meeting Failures Cabildos (fraternal orgs.) Mexican Independence, 1810-21 Constitution of 1917
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