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Option #3: Using The Underdogs as your source: Do you feel that the author of The Underdogs, Mariano Azuela, intended his novel to be a critique of the Mexican Revolution, or a glorification of the Mexican Revolution? I. Introduction a. Introduce the Mexican Revolution a.i. The rebel armies and their leaders b. Introduce the Author of The Underdogs b.i. How the book is based on his own experiences. c. Present thesis II. Body A. How the Revolution was not what it seemed a. When Cervantes first talks about the Revolution, his friend mentions how he does not view it like that anymore (disillusioned) pg. 59 b. The things the rebels heard about other rebels were rumors b.i. How all the rebels were paid in gold pg.23
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Unformatted text preview: b.ii. Exaggerated victories pg.60 B. How people got swept up in the Revolution a. Some swept up by draft/force pg. 22 b. Some because they committed crimes (such as murder) so they joined the rebels c. Demetrio pg. 39, 40 d. How most of them were uneducated and illiterate C. The rebels methods a. Plundering for their “advances” pg. 92, 105, 114 b. Murder b.i. Murder of Camila b.ii. Killing all the federales even when the old man said they would join their side pg 52, 53 b.iii. Killing of a priest and a bunch of followers pg. 98 D. End of the book a. Getting swept up with the Chaos pg. 60 b. Loving the chaos; fighting just to fight pg.124, 132 III. Conclusion...
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