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Week 1 lecture notes-1

Week 1 lecture notes-1 - SYO 3100 Lecture Outline for Week...

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SYO 3100 Lecture Outline for Week 1 I. Introduction A. Sociological “rainbow.” People’s actions stem partly from the opportunities and constraints they face. There are structures in society that influence what goes on in families. It’s not just people acting on their free will. Some institutions that affect people are their jobs, the media, school, families, and religious groups. More broadly, those institutions are influenced by the larger culture we live in, which includes a system of race and gender privilege, political and economic systems, and a cultural system (for example, a consumer culture). B. Families adapt to their circumstances, not vice versa. They especially respond to the economy. C. Sociological concepts that we use in talking about families: Structure (refers to who lives in the household—mom, pop and kids? mom and kids? servants and boarders and parents and kids?). Functions (what is the family good for?). Norms (society’s beliefs about what is good and bad). Roles
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