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SYO 3100, Family Problems and Social Change Week 3 Lecture Notes I. Family and community in the Patriarchal era A. Household structure (composition): who lived there? Many people lived and worked there, not necessarily related. Very tense homes. B. Complete lack of privacy. Architecture didn’t allow it and people didn’t seem to mind. C. Community control of family life. Very invasive. Snoops were heros. Why? Because the family was so freighted with community functions (it was so important) that the community had to be sure families did what they were supposed to do. Charivari kept people in line. II. Childhood A. Phase 1. No love. Harsh. Parents didn’t love their children the way we do for two reasons: the children are likely to die and there wasn’t much room for sentiment in a life that is completely absorbed in household production. Until kids are useful, they are a necessary evil. Parents showed no spontaneity, empathy, or protectiveness. Wet nursing, swaddling, scaring kids, and infanticide were common. The original Little Red Riding
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