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SYO 3100, Family Problems and Social Change Week 4Lecture Notes 1. Relations between married women and men in the patriarchal era. a. Characterized by lack of affection and lack of empathy. Didn’t love each other. Economics, not, emotion, bound the couple together. a.i. Routines of everyday life show this (health care, proverbs, table arrangements, terms of address) a.ii. Roles show this. They had specific role to perform. Golde’s answer to Tevya’s question (“Do you love me?”) in Fiddler on the Roof shows that she was doing her job (performing her role) so why was he asking stupid
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Unformatted text preview: questions? Husbands and wives had few joint activities so couldnt develop closeness. a.iii. Womens status was lower in this era than in any other. (It is highest now, in the post-nuclear.) How can love flourish when inequality between men and women is so great? Direct coercionwives had no rights and were typically beatenmakes it hard for love to thrive. b. Why was love irrelevant to a successful marriage? The goal of the family was economic production, not emotional support (which came later, with the nuclear family era.)...
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