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week 6 spring 2012 - Week 6 I End of Community In order for...

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Week 6 I. End of Community. In order for the nuclear family to flourish, have to get rid of the community’s intrusion into family life. In the Patriarchal era, peer groups were more important than family (e.g., boys peer groups as shown in Diner ). These groups are where people looked for emotional fulfilment. That ends with the advent of the nuclear family. In the patriarchal era, communities intruded into births, deaths and weddings. The film Braveheart shows a “Big Wedding” to make the point that the community was at the center of events. In contrast, Muriel’s Wedding –an example of a nuclear era wedding–shows how a “White Wedding” is centered on the couple and invited people. The larger point is that in order for nuclear family to take center stage, extraneous people have to go. This happens in stages, and occurs more slowly among the working-class than the middle-class. During the transition, extended family (e.g.,
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