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Week 8 The Nuclear Family Ideal for Working-Class and Minority Families A. The division of labor that relegated women to the home meant that an employed wife was regarded as a sign of her husband's failure. B. Many women of color and immigrant white women worked for pay because of husbands' low earnings. 1. In 1920, 7% of married white women worked for pay, compared to 13% of Puerto Rican, 18% of Asian, and 33% of African-American. This doesn't count unofficial employment. So minority women were much more likely to work for pay than white women. C. Documentary film clip, Women’s Double Burden , about three generations of African-
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Unformatted text preview: American women. What problems have African-American women confronted in blending work and family? Sharecropping involved hard work in the fields, debt peonage, poverty, and little time for family. Working 3 jobs to survive involved sleep deprivation and little time for leisure. Home-based childcare seemed to work for the modern woman's life. D. Today, family life is still quite hard for working-class women, who tend to work in low-wage jobs and juggle work and family roles. E. There are still large race/ethnic and sex differences in labor force experiences that affect families...
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