Laughing your way through Work blog

Laughing your way through Work blog - Laughing your way...

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Laughing your way through Work Humor in Organizations According to our text, Organizational Environment is the sum of people, institutions, and activities that exist outside of the organizational boundaries but exert actual or potential influence over the company's internal operations. Basically, the organization's environment is influenced by the company's internal operations and attitude. In the article Knock Knock; Who's There? Making Sense of Organizational Entrance Through Humor by Sarah N. Heiss and Heather J. Carmack explains how essential humor is to creating an organization's Environment. Humor is an important tool for integrating a new employee into a business. Humor is a way for people to share their beliefs, culture and social habits. When one is comfortable enough to use humor, they are able to feel comfortable sharing their ideas and values to the rest of the company. Humor is a way for people to come together and enjoy learning about one another. "We approach humor as an interactive, discursive practice that shapes and is shaped by everyday organizational life" When humor is recognized as a part of an organizations culture, it can be utilized to create the best environment possible. Informality between co-workers is an important role in today's interactions between employees. Social networking such as Facebook and Twitter makes informality between peers hard to avoid. Allowing
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for humor to act as an instigator for creating relationships aids to better understanding of informal behavior in a work place. " While organizations have formal activities, members also interact informally to exchange information." Humor is used as a way to add informality to a work place by creating a interactive outlet for people to express their
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Laughing your way through Work blog - Laughing your way...

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