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COM 445 Debate Paper February 28, 2012 Debate Reaction Paper – 1 For the first debate, the topic at hand was whether or not the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should remove all current broadcast ownership limits. The affirmative team was comprised of Meredith Fossett, Mike Campbell, and Alyssa Sutter. The opposition team was George Cooper, Andrew Cicerchi, and Kelsey Pucin. Both teams did an excellent job prefacing the debate with the current ownership rules. The teams continue by supporting their arguments and then rebuttling the opposing team’s claims. It is important to be aware and familiar with current media ownership rules in order to understand both sides of the debate. The FCC sets limits on the number of broadcast stations, including both radio and television, an entity can own in the marketplace and nationally. The FCC has established local radio/television cross ownership rules, as well. The affirmative side of the debate informed us that in markets with at least 20 independently owned voices which includes television stations, radio stations, and newspapers “one entity may own one TV station and up to seven radio stations or two TV stations and up to six radio stations, subject to the Local TV Ownership Limit. In markets with 10-19 independently-owned voices, one entity may own up to two TV stations and up to four radio stations,” via their PowerPoint. Finally, in smaller markets, an entity that owns a television station is not allowed to own more than one radio station. In addition to this, there are limits and specifications on the topic of common ownership regarding broadcast stations and newspapers as we discussed extensively in class. In 2007, the FCC decided to relax the existing limits on the newspaper and broadcast cross-ownership relationship which had been in effect since 1975. The purpose of this rule was to maximize
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diversity in the marketplace so that the truth will prevail and to avoid a single entity from having too much power. In a nut shell, the 2007 revised rule states that in the top 20 markets a broadcast station and a newspaper can be under the same ownership (as long as there are at least eight
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debatepaper1 - COM 445 Debate Paper February 28, 2012...

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