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BPS - MIS 235 Dr Havelka Final Assignment The first thing...

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MIS 235 - Dr. Havelka 12/10/2009 Final Assignment The first thing necessary is to identify the company’s problem. The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is concerned with the large fluctuations in sales throughout the year. In her opinion, she believes that a large contributor to the fluctuations is the seasonal nature of some of the company’s products and customers. In order for the company to succeed, it needs to gain a competitive advantage. The company must think about information systems (IS) and information technology (IT) when it considers the problems that confront it. Essentially, what the company needs to figure out is what products are selling the best in each season. In my opinion, the best way to accomplish this task is to utilize the five-component framework of computer hardware, software, data, procedures, and people. The CMO will need these five components for the information system that will then figure out the best way for the company to sell its merchandise according to season. This information system will help the company achieve
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