Chapter 10 - Member of the Alpha Chapter of the Delta Zeta...

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Member of the Alpha Chapter of the Delta Zeta Sorority Sophomore Business-Undecided Student Former Economics Major Marital Status – Single (but has a BF) Sex – Female Blonde hair, Blue eyes MIS 235– Chapter 10 Systems Development (Systems Analysis and Design) –the process of creating and maintaining information systems. Requires coordinated teamwork of both specialists and non specialists with business knowledge. Why is systems development difficult and risky? -Many projects are never finished, of those that are finished some are 200 or 300 percent over budget, or never accomplish their goals. Requirements are difficult to determine. Even more difficult, systems development aims at a moving target. Requirements change as the system is developed, and the bigger the system and the longer the project, the more the requirements change. Other challenges involve scheduling and budgeting. Another challenge is that technology continues to change. In addition, as development teams become larger, the average contribution per worker decreases. As staff size increases, more meetings and other coordinating activities are required to keep everyone in sync. Brooke’s Law – “Adding more people to a late project makes the project later.” Brooke’s law is true not only because a larger staff requires increased coordination, but also because new people need training. The only people who can train the new employees are the existing team members, who are thus taken off productive tasks. The costs of training new people can overwhelm the benefit of their contribution. What are they five phases of the SDLC? The systems development life cyckle (SDLC) is the classical process used to develop information systems. The IT industry developed the SDLC in the “school of hard knocks.” 1. System definition 2. Requirements analysis 3. Component design 4. Implementation 5. System Maintenance
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Chapter 10 - Member of the Alpha Chapter of the Delta Zeta...

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