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Dr. Havelka MIS 235 October 20, 2009 DMG Information 1. What services do they provide? DMG Information invests in and manages business-to-business information systems. DMGI acts as independent provider of information, analytics, technology and other services. 2. Who are their customers? DMGI ‘s customers include real estate, mapping and geospatial, risk management, financial services and energy companies. 3. Describe one of their specific products/services. A specific service provided by DMGI is to collect, manage, and process large quantities of data, turning it into valuable information. This is made possible by Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that are applied to property related databases. 4. Prepare one question to ask during the presentation. When did you decide that you wanted to be an entrepreneur rather than becoming a CEO of an already existing company? Three things I learned: 1. The British attitude towards the pizza industry was overwhelmingly positive.
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Unformatted text preview: The pizzas were made in a little shop in the beginning. The workers would walk around asking if people would like to buy a slice of pizza. The response was so great that they never advertised once in the first 3 to 4 years of business being open. 2. As the company grew, they were able to handle their management extremely well. In the beginning, the company was run by 7 men. Then, as it continued to grow there was an area manager assigned to 5 restaurant locations. The cost to make pizza was 20% of the price you sold it for; therefore, the company was able to use the extra money on management in able to keep standards high. 3. David Dutton knew it was time to leave the business because his interest was much more than managing 100 restaurant locations. He wanted to let someone else carry on the company....
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