MIS 235 Fall 2009 Exam Review Guide - Departmental

MIS 235 Fall 2009 Exam Review Guide - Departmental - Data...

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Data Model Chapter 1 What Is an Information System? o An information system is a group of components that interact to produce information. Five components in an IS – computer hardware, software, data, procedures, and people. What Is MIS? o Management Information System (MIS ) is the development and use of information systems that help businesses achieve their goals and objectives. Development and Use of Information Systems – you must take an active role in specifying the system’s requirements and in helping manage the development project. Use – need to learn how to employ the system to accomplish you goals as well as have important ancillary functions as well like having responsibilities for protecting the security of the system and its data. Achieving Business Goals and Objectives – information systems exist to help people who work in business to achieve the goals and objectives for that business. They are created so the company can be “modern.” You need to keep in mind what the business NEEDS. How Does IS Differ from IT? o IS – a system of hardware, software, data, procedures, and people that produce information. o IT – refers to methods, inventions, standards, and products. It refers to raw technology and it concerns only hardware, software, and data components of an information system. IT by itself will not help an organization reach its goals and objectives. It is only when the technology within the hardware, software, and data is combined with people and procedures that IT becomes useful. How Do Successful Business Professionals Use IS? o To gain a competitive advantage, businesses must learn to think about IT and IS when considering problems and opportunities that confront a department or organization. A study predicted strong demand for business professionals who
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have the ability to create innovative applications using emerging technology. You need to be a developer of technology – think creatively about problems, challenges, and opportunities in your business and organization and be able to apply new technology to your business needs. What New Opportunities for IS Are Developing Today? Moore’s Law – A law created by Gordon Moore stating that the number of transistors per square inch on an integrated chip doubles every 18 months. Sometimes this law is stated that the performance of a computer doubles every 18 months. The reason why data storage and data transmission are essentially free today. Dramatic Reduction in Price/Performance Ratio – As a result of Moore’s Law, the price/performance ratio of computers has fallen dramatically for years. Example: computers have shrunk from multimillion dollar, room-filling machines in 1968 to $300 dollar small desktop devices in 2008. New developments such as: cell phones, PDAS, email, Internet, Iphone. They will continue to fall. What Is Your Role in IS Security?
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MIS 235 Fall 2009 Exam Review Guide - Departmental - Data...

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