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To: Healthy Plant and Tree Nursery From: Group 9 – Taylor, Thomas, Woodward, Zhuravlev Date: 9/10/09 Subject: Healthy Plant and Tree Nursery’s Big Sale Project Background As requested, our Group, Group 9, has analyzed the data provided by Healthy Plant and Tree Nursery. Healthy Plant and Tree Nursery has been recording data regarding the plants that they stock in order to keep track of the information concerning the selling and distribution of their products. After gathering the information, we have used Microsoft Excel to interpret the data by constructing PivotTable, Excel spreadsheets, bar graphs, and utilizing formulas. Findings By using a PivotTable, our group was able to find that the most profitable category for Healthy Plant and Tree Nursery was FT and the least profitable category was TP. The most profitable product was avocado and the least profitable product was ivy. We then discovered that in order to handle shipments in the most efficient was to use the container size 15. The total revenue that
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