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MEMORANDUM TO: Mr. Blutarsky FROM: Group 6- Adam Carro, Mike Guarnieri, Lauren Sulecki, and Emily Woodward SUBJECT: Customer Support Information DATE: October 22, 2009 Objective Our objective is to prepare a professional business communication based on the use of Information Technology. In order to do so, we will use different information tools for different purposes to provide accurate information to key decision makers. The SQLs and PivotTables that we will develop will be used to look at how employees should be structured to provide the best customer support. Some samples of SQLs that we will be making will include the following information: profit per city, customers per city, employees per city, and ship to city. The information will show the best way to give the best support to necessary cities.
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Unformatted text preview: This information will help to give us accurate information for where to station our employees. For example, if you were to look at a city that had a very large profit and very few employees, and then you were to look at a city with a very small profit and a large amount of employees - you would want to rectify this. As a result, you would want to move employees from the city with less profit to the city with more profit. In the end, this would help to have the employees in the proper places and where they’re needed. For instance, pretend a city has a profit of $50 million dollars and 120 employees and another city has a profit of $1 million dollars and 500 employees - you would want to reallocate those 500 employees....
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