FINAL ESSAY - 1 Tyler Dornbusch Comm 200: Politics and...

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1 Tyler Dornbusch Comm 200: Politics and Popular Culture - Final Essay Due Monday, December 12 Over the course of a week, one of the most trusted men in “news” can pursue serious conversations about foreign policy with presidential candidates and then, only days later, jokingly interview comedian Louis CK about the comedic value of a fart. This is the reality in our Post-Network news era, in which comedian John Stewart has become a voice that resonates with many citizens across our nation. Because of the respect that Stewart has ascertained, many people took notice when he proclaimed Alexandra Pelosi’s documentary about her travels with “the pack” of reporters following George Bush as he campaigned for president in 2000 to be the new ideal of what reporting should entail. I feel that Stewart’s high regard for this film, Journeys with George, is important because it fits into Stewart’s ideals for the new direction of news in our modern era and serves the purpose of illuminating many inconsistencies within the popular news culture that he has attempted to display for years on his program, The Daily Show . Stewart’s statement about the value of Pelosi’s film as the way that the media should cover politics shows Stewart’s discontent with the way that the “regular” news is packaged and presented. Stewart has openly mocked many of the practices of the mainstream news media for years due to their lack of objectivity on many issues and willingness to play into the spectacle that politics creates. Pelosi’s film differs from traditional news in how it considers issues that would never be touched upon in the mainstream media’s coverage of a political election. For example, Pelosi openly wonders during her film where her loyalties actually lie as a “pack” member. This occurs because of the excess of birthday well wishes that she receives from the Bush campaign that she follows while hearing nothing from the network, her actual employer. This conflict of
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2 interest is present in many members of the “pack” of reporters who follow a political candidate. However, a reporter from a major network would never be free to openly question his loyalties to the network as this could endanger his employment. In this way,
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FINAL ESSAY - 1 Tyler Dornbusch Comm 200: Politics and...

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