Communication Notes - Communication 15:02 Communication (my...

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Unformatted text preview: Communication 15:02 Communication (my definition) the process of any message being transmitted from a sender to a receiver through a channel Categorizing criteria Breadth of scope Scope how broad the applicability of a scientific theory is Is communications scope limited to humans, or animals, or all beings? Necessity of intention Whether or not intention is necessary for communication Intention is a commitment to complete an action Existence of normative judgment Successful vs. unsuccessful, communication vs. miscommunication Is there such a distinction? You could argue that there is successful communication and unsuccessful communication or you could argue that all communication is successful Necessity of symbolism Does communication have to be symbolic? Symbol something that stands for something else but symbols must be human inventions Ex. Smoke is not a symbol for fire because it occurs naturally instead of being created Ex....
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Communication Notes - Communication 15:02 Communication (my...

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