test 1 tb key terms - 4 Mapping the Territory Attitude...

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4 Mapping the Territory Attitude – predisposition to respond, composed of beliefs, feelings, and intended actions Source credibility – audience perception of competence and trustworthiness of a speaker or writer Cybernetics – study if information processing, feedback, and control in communication systems Information – reduction of uncertainty; the less predictable a message is, the more information it carries Rhetoric – art of using all available means of persuasion, focusing upon lines of argument, organization of ideas, language use, and delivery in public speaking Semiotics – study of verbal and nonverbal signs that stand for someone else and how their interpretation affects society Symbols – arbitrary words and non-verbal signs that bear no natural connection with the things they describe; their meaning is learned within a given culture Sapir-Whorf hypothesis – claim that the structure of a language shapes what people think and do; the social construction of reality Culture industries – entertainment businesses that reproduce the dominant ideology of a culture and distract people from recognizing unjust distribution of power within society Phenomenology – intentional analysis of everyday experience from the standpoint of the person who is living it; explores the possibility of understanding the experience of self and others Congruence – match between and individual’s inner feelings and outer display; authenticity, genuineness Pragmatism – applied approach to knowledge; the philosophy that true understanding of
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test 1 tb key terms - 4 Mapping the Territory Attitude...

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