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Exam 1 Study Guide Social Problems, Fall 2011 From Lecture: The basic belief & view of social problems for Functional Structuralists, Conflict Theorists, and Symbolic Interactionists Sociological Imagination Food Desert Pink Collar Work The Feminization of Poverty Segregated Labor Force Marx’s concept of worker alienation Videos: 30 Days: Immigration Capitalism: A Love Story Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price From Readings: R2 An Analysis of Atlanta’s Ordinance Prohibiting Urban Camping: Passage and Early * Understand the “disturbing implications” of this ordinance * Understand why opponents of the prohibition of urban camping argue that the ordinance masks social problems rather than solving them * Understand the historical context of available affordable housing in Atlanta
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Unformatted text preview: R4 Ending Sex Trafficking of Children in Atlanta [Boxill & Richardson, ULearn] * Understand the gendered dimensions of this social problems R5 Life at the Top in America Isn’t Just Better, It’s Longer [Scott, ULearn] * Understand the reasons health outcomes differed for the people who suffered heart attacks in this essay R6 Introduction: Getting Ready [pgs 1-10] * What makes her low wage work different from other low wage workers. R8 Scrubbing in Maine [pgs 51-120] * Outcast Work * Understand why Ehrenreich goes to Maine “looking for whiteness” R10 Evaluation [pgs 193- 222] * Understand the contours of life for “the top 20%” R12 A Question of Power (From The Betrayal of Work) [Shulman, ULearn] * Understand why the author says low wage work is not the effect of an “efficient market”...
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