Reading Responses - R7 Fear is natural when experiencing an...

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R7 Fear is natural when experiencing an unknown aspect of life. As Ehrenreich gets ready to start her process, she experiences simple set backs right away; Key West is expensive, she would have to drive 45 minutes to get into the city and there were certain jobs that she would simply not do. She finds it interesting even after she applied to jobs, no one had called her back for an interview. Finding a job, as she says, means being at the right place at the right time. Ehrenreich realized that its not about where she wants to work, but what's available. When she becomes a part of the housekeeping teams after already having a waitressing job, she realized that it is the simple cleaning tasks and 30 minute breaks that make the job a little easier to handle. Handling two jobs is rough and she sees that just getting ready to go into the second job takes its toll on her. Minimum wage jobs are demanding and the employer really does not care about the employee, but about their business. She finally had given up the job, failed at her attempt of sustaining a life as a minimum wage worker because of not being able to keep up with the fast paced waitress environment. It had be harder than she thought. R8 Ehrenreich realized that she would not be able to survive in a city like Key West. Instead, she headed to a town where her race and class was basically the only groups that existed. Maine was still another $5-$6 minimum wage state as Ehrenreich puts it. And yet, you still could not survive with just one job because of the cheap labor it offers. Nevertheless, she begins to find her way by finding a place to stay, two jobs, and her rental car. She notices how certain jobs are targeted to specific races (the housekeeping job), yet they are in the all white state of Maine. Ehrenreich soon realizes that upper class people take the working class for granted and how upper classes care nothing about what it takes to clean up after them. Minimum wage workers have to work through any pains or conditions on the job. R9 Ehrenreich begins to realize that its about location when working at a low income level. However, she still gets to have a choice where she wants to work. The average low income worker takes whatever job they can get. After getting the jobs, however, she is forced to take personality tests that mess a lot of people up, and of course, a drug test. What does smoking pot have to do with retail is her main concern. She also discovered that when you have little money to work with, little problems arise, such as paying for uniforms for the job. After having worked there for awhile, she realizes that her Wal-Mart job is her identity. She no longer has her own identity.
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Reading Responses - R7 Fear is natural when experiencing an...

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