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Matt Condon I.D #:11039519 Professor Glynn 2/3/09 Ancient Civilizations I believe it would be incorrect to say that there are any consequences from the earliest civilizations, if anything they paved the way for the world and have helped the civilizations after them be more powerful and more successful. Whether it be the invention and development of writing, which allowed people to record history, stories, and events of that time. Or the advancement of religion, which brought together citizens and formed a stronger community. Another aspect of ancient civilizations that helped later civilizations was the development of the social service exam in ancient china, which was revolutionary in allowing people to move up in society. These are only a few of the things that made a huge difference in the world at the time, and contributed to the greater success of later civilizations. Before the creation of writing there was no way to record ideas or history. Early humans, before 3000 B.C.E., would have to remember stories and pass them down through out the ages, and history wasn’t even relevant at this time because there was no
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Gened 110 Civilizations #1 - Matt Condon I.D #:11039519...

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