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English for Academic Studies (Workshop) Session 5: Misplaced Modifiers (Key) Semester 1, 2011/12 ©PolyU HKCC 1 Session 5: Misplaced Modifiers (KEY) Part A: Diagnostic Test Identify and underline the misplaced modifiers in the following passages. Then, revise these sentences to eliminate errors of misplaced modifiers in the space between the lines by putting “^” in the correct position. Paragraph 1 (1) After a full day of work, we tend to restfully spend ^ most of our time watching television because during primetime those dramas and comedy sitcoms ^ are amusing and hilarious, and they make us feel more relaxed. (2) However, during these few years many reality shows are being broadcast ^ as during primetime they have become more popular among the TV viewing audience. (3) Reality shows are starting to gradually take over the traditional dramas and comedy sitcoms ^ . Part C: Concept Boosting Exercises Exercise C1: Identify and underline the modifiers in the following sentences. Then, circle the word(s) being modified. 1.
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Session 5 (Answer Key) - English for Academic Studies...

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