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CC2002 Creative and Critical Thinking Semester One 2011/2012 Tutorial 1 Introduction Recall from the first lecture that this subject comprises the following parts: I. Critical Thinking (批批批批) (A) Linguistic-Conceptual Analysis (批批批批) (B) Argument Analysis and Evaluation (批批批批批批批) II. Creative Thinking (批批批批) This exercise is meant, first, for you to make a transition to tutorial (namely, to actively think on your own and to openly discuss with others) and, secondly, for you to know, roughly, your ability in critical and creative thinking before learning the subject. 1. Linguistic-Conceptual Analysis Reflect upon the daily usage of the following pairs of similar concepts and try to articulate their subtle differences: a. Envy (批批) and Jealousy (批批 / 批批) b. Fond of / like someone (批批 / 批批批批批) and in love with someone (批批批批) 2. Argument Analysis and Evaluation The following passage was written by B. Russell, a famous philosopher in the 20
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