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CC2002 Creative and Critical Thinking Semester One 2011/2012 Tutorial 2 On Creative Innovations In our everyday lives, we often come across brilliant inventions and products which surprise us both in its usefulness and originality. 1) Use no more than 20 minutes to discuss with your group members on a particular innovation which you find interesting and worth sharing. 2) Use five to ten minutes to present your findings. You may use drawing, sketches or even brief drama to illustrate the idea, etc. 3) Your illustration should at least contain these three elements.
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Unformatted text preview: (i) Identify the background against which the innovation is introduced. (ii) Explain characteristic feature of the innovated work or product and state clearly the ways in which it has surpassed its competitors in the market. (iii) Evaluate the prospect of the innovation and discuss its’ potential problems. 4) Q&A (five minutes): Critically evaluate the presentation of other groups. Give positive suggestion on how the innovation can be further improved....
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