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eHandout 6 - Ingredients of Ethical Decision Making _Diagram_

EHandout 6 - Ingredients of Ethical Decision Making _Diagram_

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Unformatted text preview: No. 6 eHandout Business & Professional Ethics The Ingredients of Ethical Decisions: Applied Ethics Which of These Imperatives Matters Most? Nature (Phusis) Rights (See "Nature") God/Ultimate Power (See Nature, Rights) Rules & Duties (Deontology) Customs (Taboos, Social Norms, etc.) Nomos Ethical Decision Sympathy (Fairness, Pain, Pleasure of Others) Love (JudeoChristian & Other Traditions Virtues (Aristotle) Personal Happiness & Duty to Self Social Welfare (Utilitarianism) 1 Dr. David E. McClean ...
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