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syllabus - will not receive credit for both Grading We will...

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21:640:119:07/Basic Calculus/Spring 2012 Class meetings: MW 10–11:20, Smith B26 Instructor: John Randall Smith 305, (973)353-3919, [email protected] Office hours: M 9–10, WTh 11:30–1 Course web site: http://pegasus.rutgers.edu/~randall/119/ and Rut- gers Blackboard. Textbook: Goldstein, Lay, Schneider, and Asmar, Calculus and its Applica- tions , Prentice Hall, 12th Edition. You will need an access code for MyMathLab in order to do the required online homework problems. The code comes with a new copy of the book and not with used books. The Rutgers Bookstore sells a custom edition. Prerequisites: College Algebra Course objectives: The course is a rapid survey of calculus. Starting with a review of functions, the course proceeds through the highlights of differ- ential, integral, and even some multi-variable calculus. Important: This course is intended for students in the social sciences, business, or the liberal arts. It is not intended for students who will be taking Calculus I. Basic Calculus is not a prerequisite for Calculus I, and students
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Unformatted text preview: will not receive credit for both. Grading: We will have graded homework (15% total), weekly quizzes (10% total), 2 midterm exams (20% each), and a comprehensive final exam (35%). Homework: This is an essential feature of the course, which will be done on MyMathLab. An access code will be given at the beginning of the semester. Attendance Policy Students are expected to attend all classes and to com-plete all assignments. No makeups will be given for quizzes. No makeups will be given for exams except for absences due to the recognized grounds described in the catalog. 2 Important Dates Tue Jan 17 Classes start Tue Jan 24 Last day to drop classes Wed Jan 25 Last day to add classes Wed Feb 29 Exam #1 Sat Mar 10 Spring recess begins Sun Mar 18 Spring recess ends Tue Mar 27 Last day to drop classes with a ‘W’ Wed Apr 11 Exam #2 Mon Apr 20 Classes end Mon May 7 Final exam, 8:30–11:30...
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