ACCT212_WorkingPaper - FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING Eighth Edition E12-17A(5-10 min Learning Objectives 2 3 Classifying transactions for the statement of

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FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING - Eighth Edition Solutions Manual Chapter 12: The Statement of Cash Flows Page 1 of 1 E12-17A (5-10 min.) a. Depreciation Expense 11,000 Accumulated Depreciation 11,000 b. Treasury Stock 7,800 Cash 7,800 c. Land 83,000 Cash 83,000 d. Equipment 19,000 Cash 19,000 e. Salary Expense 24,000 Cash 24,000 f. Furniture and Fixtures 24,200 Cash 24,200 g. Building 159,000 Note Payable, Long-Term 159,000 h. Cash 50,000 Accounts Receivable 9,000 Service Revenue 59,000 i. Bonds Payable 47,000 Cash 47,000 j. Cash 74,000 Common Stock 11,000 Capital in Excess of Par 63,000 k.
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