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Forgotten Team Member part 3 - This is another method for...

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“The Forgotten Group Member” In the event, that a team member did not meet the deadline, he or she would be deducted by the predetermined amount on the member evaluation, and the remaining responsibility could be divided among the other team members. An alternative solution could be for Christine to establish a system of review, in which, each team member is responsible for reviewing the work of another team member, and then giving feedback to improve. This would allow each team member to be held accountable, and also help add more to each other’s efforts. For example, Mike could be responsible for reviewing Janet’s work, and Janet could be responsible for reviewing Steve’s. Since each team member’s contribution will effect the overall grade, it is important that everyone is satisfied with the final product.
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Unformatted text preview: This is another method for creating individual accountability, but also allowing the team to effect the outcome collectively. The team needs to agree in advance that the individual member will be willing to make the agreed upon changes, within the agreed upon timetable. Christine is not a completely ineffective team leader. She got results from most of the team. However, she just needs to be more resolute, and hold team members accountable. She allowed Mike to continue without carrying his fair share. She still has some time to make a difference, but she needs to act quickly. She needs to get on the phone and set a mandatory team meeting for the next day and decide on one of the alternatives proposed above. Once team agrees on a method of accountability, and consequences, she needs to enforce them....
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