HR Week2 - Case Application 4-B: Off-The-Job Behavior 1. I...

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Case Application 4-B: Off-The-Job Behavior 1. I do believe Oiler’s employee rights were violated. According to the case study, he did not do anything wrong at work and in fact he was an outstanding employee for his job performance. I do think that as long as an employee performs and behaves in a standard way at work, the employment should not give any troubles to the employee. When employment tries to get into employees personal life, it becomes too much to handle. Because every person has his or her own life style, it may be very different from others. A life style may be different from yours, but it may be wrong. As long as he can do a good job at his work, it does not matter what he does when his is not working. Even if a person is doing something ethical, as long as he is not doing it during or related to work, it is not employment’s business to talk a person what to do. If an employment has certain expectations of their employees, the employment could give specific instructions before hiring. Therefore, people do not fit the requirements, they do not need to come take the job or at lease know what to expect. However, when an employment goes out find problems of the employees in their normal life style, it makes employees feel uncertain and not secure with their job, even they might offer they best to do their job. It is a way to violate employees’ rights. In our textbook, we learned that the employment has employment-at-will doctrine. The doctrine allows an employer
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HR Week2 - Case Application 4-B: Off-The-Job Behavior 1. I...

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