HR Week3 - Understanding Job Analysis 1 It was quite easy...

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Understanding Job Analysis 1. It was quite easy to find the specific occupation I was looking for. It literally took few seconds to type in the occupation I wanted to look for and it came up with a whole list of information for it. I have to say the information provided about the occupation I searched for is very helpful for what I needed to know about the job. I like how it lists out the entire job affiliated with the occupation. Therefore I know exactly what position I might be run into with the occupation I want to be in. The website gives a very detailed job discretions. It also helps me to know what do I need to do on the job for very specific task. O*NET allows you to know the right kinds of knowledge skills are required to fulfill the specific job you are looking for. The website also lists out all the abilities need for the job performance. I also can see if my personality would match the job’s needs. This website also gives out the names of very specific software I needed to know to fulfill the technology needs for the job. It also tells you what kind of education needed for the job you are looking for. It helps me to have a general idea how close I am to the profession that I want to pursue. It gives a general idea of the how much I could be making by doing the job. It allows you to see for the amount of time you want to put in to develop your skills and pursue an education, worth or not for the pay of the job. It is a very helpful website for job seekers to evaluate themselves according to the job. It sure severs the purpose of what the website says: “ The O*NET program contains information on hundreds of standardized
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HR Week3 - Understanding Job Analysis 1 It was quite easy...

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