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The Forgotten Team Member Week 2

The Forgotten Team Member Week 2 - team evaluation of that...

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The Forgotten Team Member Although there are many potential solutions to the primary problems that Christine faced, I will identify two and elaborate. The first solution is to implement a plan of action in the beginning, dividing the project into parts among the different group members to focus on. Then determine a preset evaluation of a team member’s efforts, based on their contributions and involvement. As described in the text, it is important to redefine roles so that any social loafing is visible. Christine could have established that if a certain number of group meeting were missed, then the
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Unformatted text preview: team evaluation of that individual would be lowered. Additionally, if a team member did not satisfactorily complete his or her responsibility, then that would effect the team member evaluation also. Christine could also set a time table well in the coming days before the final due date, by which each team member could present his or her contribution to the group for review. This would allow all members to be involved in the evaluation process and not put everything on Christine. This would also force accountability before the group utilizing peer pressure to encourage productivity....
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