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The Forgotten Team Member This case study outlines some very real challenges of working in a team. To understand what is taking place here, it is important to have an understanding of the stages of group development. The first stage is the forming stage and comprises of the initial entry of members into a team. This is when members get to know each other and learning the acceptable behavior. Christine’s group went through this stage at the first meeting. The second stage of group development is the storming stage and this is where the group deals with tension and defines the group tasks. This stage also become evident in the first meeting, where Christine attempted to establish a consistent meeting schedule, but was rejected by Mike. The third stage is the norming stage. This is the stage that at least the majority of the team moved into. This is when team members come together as a coordinated group.
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Unformatted text preview: This when team members start working together and theres a great emphasis on team unity. The fourth stage is the performing stage. During this stage there is a total integration and team members are collaborate to complete complex tasks. The team structure is stable and members are motivated to achieve the team goals. It is clear the Christine was not able to move her team into this stage. Unintentionally, she left Mike out of the team development process, as the rest of the team moved forward, Mike became more alienated. I think if Christine had a better understanding of the group development process, she could have made a greater effort to keep Mike involved in the earlier stages, so that he could have progressed with the group. It is likely, that she could have made a great effort to push the team into the performance stage, instead of halting at the Norming stage....
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