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Website Analysis Wk 1

Website Analysis Wk 1 - possible is to avoid scrolling...

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Website Analysis: What I really like about this website ( http://homestayHawaii.com ) is the color combination, it has enough contrast between your text and the background of the page, and the simplicity of the menu navigation. Photos are clear and the consistency of the design and look makes it easier for visitors to locate the specific information they seek. For example, a feature presented on every page, such as a standard navigation menu (top menu) and the logo (homestayHawaii.com) for the site always appear in the same place, even if I click foreign language that I don’t understand, I can easily go back to the home page. I like the font, it is visible to the eye, that gives viewer a good impression on your website. The graphic dimensions of the page layout is 800 pixel (width), and this is safe for printing layout purposes , and very convenient for many readers, to avoid scrolling horizontally or scrolling in two directions (vertical and horizontal). It is tolerable to have one direction only like scrolling vertically. My recommendation if
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Unformatted text preview: possible is to avoid scrolling vertically by minimizing the size of the photos in the header (welcome-1.jpg - 441x300 and welcome-2.jpg 240x300). That makes the body text or the content of the page easily be seen and read to the viewers. I think the reason why I misunderstood your website because I don’t see much emphasis on your service in the first page. The first word I read is welcome, then the logo which reads HomestayHawaii.com, and the chapter heading that reads “Want to learn English in a close, convenient location?”, although I was looking at the photos of the island which is perfectly beautiful, and try to interpret what it means or maybe I try to relate those pictures to what services your are offering. I thought you are selling properties as your main product, but I think one of your website offers those kind of services. I ‘ve seen it one of your links, and it also indicates in your key word meta tags “ Hawaii real estate ”....
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