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4.2.1 Quality Management documentation The Quality Management system is available and maintained at Lotus Notes. The Quality Management documentation structure consists of: • Recycle Credit Quality Manual • RC Main Process Descriptions / procedures • Division / Departmental procedures 4.2.2 Quality Manual The Quality Manual describes the basic quality principles, the Quality Management System and the company organization. Management team The upper management structure consists of: • President • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) • Senior Vice President (VP); HR & QM • Executive VP; Merchant marine • Executive VP; Offshore • Executive VP; Subsea • Executive VP; Customer Support • Executive VP; Sales, Marketing & International Operations The President is a member of the Recycle Credit top management team. The CFO has the overall responsibility for the company finances, information system and site administration. The Senior VP; HR & QM has the responsibility for Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and Quality Management. The Executive Vice Presidents for each division have the overall responsibility for the total performance of their division. These are the actual operational business units in the company. The General Manager QM has been appointed the management representative for Quality Management. Quality objectives Critical success factors Customer satisfaction • The behavior of all personnel in Recycle Credit • Always deliver to agreed quality, time and cost. • Knowledge about our applications and customer needs. • High quality customer support world wide throughout the life cycle of a delivered system. • Long term view on our customer relations. Employee performance and satisfaction • Interesting and challenging job. • Empowerment. • Education and development including management training.
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• Career possibilities. • A good working environment and stimulating company culture. • Competitive conditions. Owner satisfaction • Return on capital invested. • Growth. • Professional management, • Quality and implementation of strategies. • Contribute to the overall performance of Kongsberg Maritime AS.
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QM Layout - 4.2.1 Quality Management documentation The...

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