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Recycle Credit! Summary: We are a recycling consulting company that works with brand name stores, such as Ralphs, Albertsons, etc., to improve their recycling programs. For most of us, we are not aware of a company’s recycling program for plastic bags, bottles, and etc. Thus it is our duty to educate the public about recycling and implement new strategies to improve the client’s current processes that will be accessible to the public. These new strategies include implementing store credit instead of paying the customers for their recyclables and using those recyclables to make products to be sold by the client. These strategies will bring more business to our clients and will help promote recycling among the community. Mission To educate and actively participate in recycling as a community to help reduce the effects of environmental hazards, not just for our sake, but for future generations. Vision To establish Recycled Credit as the most distinguished and quality-minded recycling consultant in the nation. Initiating the business: 1. Establish our business in one client (or brand name store such as Ralphs) initially then expand if we have success 2. Get in touch with the client and recycling centers 3. Integrate a recycling program with the cooperating store
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Outline_for_business.rev2 - Recycle Credit Summary We are a...

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