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University of Florida EEL 4712 Dr. Greg Stitt Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept. Spring-11 LSA Tutorial 1 Starting Note: Assume that the 8-bit counter you designed in part 1 of the prelab is programmed on your BT-U board. 1) The first thing you need to do is connect a probe of the LSA to each of the pins you assigned your outputs to on the BT-U board. For this tutorial, you only need to connect the output bits of the counter, the RCO output, the clr_n and enable inputs. Remember that the pins on the INSIDE of each of the headers are the ones connected to the FPGA. Also, you will need to connect one of the LSA probes labeled “gnd” to a ground pin your BT-U board. This is common thing students forget, so if things aren‟t working as you expect make sure the grounds are connected. 2) Start the “LA Viewer” program on the computer (You should have downloaded and installed the appropriate version from „Acute‟ website: On the left side of the screen, you should see the default labels for each of the channels (CH-00, CH-01, etc…). You can change the label of a channel to be more descriptive by right clicking on it and choosing “Modify Label Name”. If a previous user has already modified the labels, you can reset them to
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LSA_Tutorial - University of Florida Electrical &...

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