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Small8InstructionsAddendum - 1 RET Index addressing Load...

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Addendum to the instruction set INSTRUCTION OP CODE C V Z S DESCRIPTION SYNTAX Subroutines: Load SP (Imm) 89 X X X X SP Å mem[PC+1],mem[PC] LDSI <data> Call C8 X X X X SP Å (SP) - 1; mem[SP] Å (PC L ); SP Å (SP) - 1; mem[SP] Å (PC H ) CALL <address> Return C0 X X X X PC H Å mem[SP]; SP Å (SP) + 1; PC L Å mem[SP]; SP Å (SP)
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Unformatted text preview: + 1 RET Index addressing: Load X (Imm) 8A X X X X X Å mem[PC+1],mem[PC] LDXI <data> Load Acc (Indx) BC X X X X A Å mem[(X) + b] LDAA b,X Store Acc (Indx) EC X X X X mem[(X) + b] Å (A) STAA b,X Increment X FC X X X X X Å (X) + 1 INCX Decrement X FD X X X X X Å (X) – 1 DECX...
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