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Mid-Term Exam: Graduate Electromagnetics I, 95.657 Fall 2008, UMass Lowell, Dr. Baird This in-class examination lasts 80 minutes. No calculators, electronic devices, books or notes allowed. The later problems become increasingly harder and are correspondingly worth more points. It is in your interest to leave more time for the later problems than for the first few. PROBLEM 1. Consider two conducting planes that are joined at one end to form a deep corner. (a) What is the general behavior of the surface charge distribution for varying corner angles and why? (Explain conceptually, no numbers required.) (b) As the corner angle becomes zero, what is the behavior of the surface-charge density, the electric field and the electrostatic potential energy density inside the deep corner? (c) Considering the previous parts, plot the surface charge density and electric field lines corresponding to the top of the periodic conducting object shown here. This object extends uniformly out of the page.
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Exam1_nosolutions - Mid-Term Exam: Graduate...

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