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ECE 3724 Quiz #4 Summer ‘06 Reese - Solution You may NOT use a calculator. Assume the following memory/register contents at the beginning of each instruction: Location Contents: W = 0xC3, STATUS = 0x00 0x059 0xA8 0x05A 0x08 0x05B 0x8D Rotate left thru carry f (0x05C) = 0x29 0x29 = new C flag (0) 0010 1001 old C flag after shift: location 0x5C = 0101 0010 = 0x52, new C flag is 0, Z=0 0x05C 0x29 a. (2 pts) rlcf 0x05C, f bit set f 7654 3210 [0x5B] = 0x8D= 1000 1101 (set bit 6) new value [0x5B]= 1100 1101 = 0xCD b. (2 pts) bsf 0x05B,6 c. (3 pts) Fill in the blanks below Perform “i – k”. True Case: i >= k, so i-k will have no borrow, so C = 1.
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